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About Us

At Upstream Development and Engineering Inc., we provide expert process and technical consulting services in oil and gas industry for offshore and onshore projects.  Since 2010, we have completed numerous of process design, engineering, and safety related projects. We strive to maintain a cost-effective approach which meets your needs. 

We do process design for the entire oil and gas production facilities including inlet gathering system, multistage separation, flash gas compressors, gas treatment, export compressors and flare system. Also, provide study reports for NGL recovery with turboexpander/compressor and LPG fractionations.  

We design pressure vessels with ASME code, providing detailed drawings with Solidworks. The separators can be analyzed using a CFD modeling.


Work Experts

Upstream Development and Engineering Inc.

Our Engineering Team follows an organized schedule regarding the establishment of our experiences. Explore our list of work experience below and contact us to receive further information about the work that we do.

Natural gas compressor station.jpg


  • Crude treat & pumping

  • Gas dehydration

  • Gas compression & export

  • PW treatment/disposal    

  • Basic design

  • FEED verification

  • Simulations and HMB

  • PFDs, UFDs and P&IDs

  • Equipment specifications

  • Compressor s/o & design   

  • Blowdowns & flare design

  • Process Safety Review


  • Simulations

  • Gas sweetening

  • Gas Dehydration

  • CO2 freezing and methanol injection

  • NGL Recovery

  • Ethane recovery and rejection mode

  • Turboexpander and external refrigeration

  • LPG fractionation columns

  • Column performance 

  • Column blowdown and MDMT 

  • Thermosyphon reboiler hydraulics

  • Sizing PSVs

Future Projects

  • Oil Filed Equipment Design by CFD

  • Gas-to-Liquid (GTL) Technology Development

  • Carbon Dioxide Enhanced Oil Recovery

  • Cogeneration- Heat And Power

  • Renewable Energy

  • Energy Analysis



Thank you for your interest in our services. Get in touch with us for any questions or comments regarding our services and work experiences.